Nuclear Power

The reliance on nuclear power in Japan, Iran and Europe is well known internationally, but now Australia may be the next country to become radioactive. In a meeting held by the Nothern Suburbs Liberal Club last night, speaker John Nukem stressed the importance of nuclear development in the outback, more importantly in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Despite environmental concerns from lobbyists, Nukem highlighted the economic and strategic benefits of the proposed nuclear switch.

“We need a nuclear industry to open up job opportunities for the millions of young Australians,” Nukem said. While the advent of nuclear power would create much needed jobs in the domestic market, the costs would also be found in decreased electricity prices. If nuclear power became a reality, outback regions such as the Pilbara would experience cheaper electricity virtually overnight. This proves a more viable option than the NW Shelf natural gas, where capital for the gas is much higher and stocks limited.

However, it was the militaristic benefits that Nukem highlighted in his speech. “Potential invaders have to be shown that Australia could retaliate…”


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