Class Exercise 4

More than 100 of Australia’s leading movie actors have joined to form a new union, in a push to combat potential job losses within the Australian film industry.

The new union, known as the Media Actors Guild of Australia, was lobbied for by actors and organisers over the course of six months.

The new guild hopes to better accommodate to actors needs, as well as sustain the local film industry, which requires the employment of international stars to enter the lucrative American market and be successful. 

Chief organisers Fred Bloggs and Fiona Bloggs spoke about the push for a new union at a meeting in Sydney a few weeks ago, which highlighted the growing concerns felt by the Australian Film Industry.

“We needed a new union because the Actors Union of Australia was trying to minimise the hiring of overseas actors for parts in Australian films that could be played by Australian actors.” Fred Bloggs said.

“… If producers can’t hire overseas actors as box office draws in the lucrative ‘American market’, they won’t be making any movies here anyway. So sure, we’d like to see more Aussies working, but without overseas stars, none of us will be working”
























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